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Create Better Remote Work Environments

Did you know that… 

  • The average attention span at work is only 8 Seconds

  • Most people unlock their phone more than 125x/day

  • Distractions at work cause people to waste 2+ hours/day

  • The biggest issues for remote workers are burnout and loneliness


About Caveday

Research shows that our digital world has increasingly become a threat to work-life balance, focus and attention spans, and productivity. Yet, we all rely on it. Caveday has figured out how to create better remote work environments.


Caveday is a global community that leads deep focus Zoom sessions to provide a safe space for people to get meaningful work done. By working smarter, people can improve their work-life balance and have more time to enjoy things off the clock. Think of it as a group fitness class for your work. Sessions are one or three hours long led by a trained facilitator. 


Free Session

Use "OPENRESOURCE" at for a FREE 3 hour session. 

In The Cave, you'll get more done, find more flow, and gain more free time.

This channel is coming soon!

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