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Contribute your ideas, innovations, technology, research, and articles. Become a contributor. Collaborate with us and have discussions with others. 

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Teaching and Learning Law and Business: An Open Resource

Read the dissertation about this Open Resource Tool by clicking the button below. 


This tool is public and free to use. This tool contains three primary elements: 

  1. A library of articles, research, and materials. These resources are freely available. They may be used and revised at no cost.

  2. A discussion forum where you can participate in discussions others have started, or start your own discussion thread about a relevant topic

  3. Opportunities to contribute content to our site. 


Participating in Discussion Forums

We also encourage you to participate in discussions about the articles, research, or what you are doing at your institution or practice. Please understand that the goal of this tool is for those in the field to collaborate and we expect participants to abide by appropriate online etiquette. 

It is recommended that you get started by first reviewing the library of articles and research, and then navigating to the discussion forum area. 

Within the discussion area, you may participate in discussions that have already been created by clicking on the discussion title and then clicking "reply" to post a reply to the discussion board. You may also create your own discussion thread.  

Opportunities to Contribute Content

The Open Resource provides many opportunities to contribute along with business leaders, faculty, students, bar associations and institutions in the United States and Internationally. This allows us to collaborate on research, publications, conversations, events, advice, courses, and materials. 



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