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To Contact Us: 

To Contribute Content to our Site: 


Click the "Contribute Content" tab above and schedule a 15-minute appointment to introduce yourself and share with us your idea. 

To Send Us an Email: 

Click on the mail icon to the left of this text, and send us an email about your ideas. 

To Ask Us a Quick Question 

First, become a Member by clicking the "Members" tab and filling out your information, then click on the "Members Chat" on the bottom right of your screen. We will respond as soon as possible.

To Inform Us of a Zoom Lecture You're Giving 

Send us an email using the mail icon on the left of this text, and describe what your lecture or presentation is regarding. We will get in touch with you, and if approved, send a message to all our members about your event. We encourage you to record your presentation on Zoom or the video app you are using so that we can display your presentation on our site after it is concluded. 

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