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The Open Resource is a continuous, collaborative work in progress dedicated to identifying and discussing complex issues related to law, business, and legal education. This open resource tool is for anyone interested in delving into evolving a deeply rich legal tradition by providing practical advice to transform legal education and practice.


Research demonstrates that there is a need for greater instruction in the skills and knowledge needed for graduates to be successful in all areas that intersect with law and business in addition to legal practice skills and law practice management skills training. 


We have identified and proved the problem: our business communities want more from lawyers than what law schools are producing. Now we are asking you as stakeholders, partners, collaborators, and innovators to offer your advice. We ask lawyers, students, faculty, global business contributors, and policy reformers to give us input and examples. We ask for your advice in the form of articles, videos, published academic papers, files, unpublished papers, CLE’s, ideas, matrixes for measuring outcomes, possible solutions, and most of all your experience. Law schools cannot do this alone. We invite you to the discussion.



John Sonsteng – Director, Center for Law and Business, Mitchell Hamline School of Law


Dr. Feridun Yenisey - Co. Director, IGUL, Bahçeşehir University 


Willow Najjar Anderson – Founder, Willow Anderson Law & Adjunct/Affiliated Professor, Mitchell Hamline School of Law 

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