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Employment Law Non-Compete—Injunction Motion General Skills Practicum

Below are the files for this exercise which include the exercise packet.

The general practice Practicum was conceived by John Sonsteng and Roger Haydock.

All materials were designed and written by John Sonsteng, Linda Thorstad, and Jennifer Miller.

All courses and materials have been thoroughly vetted and tested by students and adjunct professors at Mitchell Hamline School of law who provided feedback, critique, and suggestions for improvement to the program.

The Practicum exercises  and the course materials are completely self-contained. No research is necessary. Each exercise may be used for a variety of training options. The Practicum exercise may be modified to require students to research and apply state and local law and procedure. The Practicum exercise may be used to provide both a writing and a practical skills experience.

.Baines-Employ Law Non-Comp

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