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Advanced Advocacy: Syllabus and Practicum Exercises

Below is the syllabus used for the Advanced Advocacy Civil Litigation course at Mitchell Hamline School of Law taught by Professor Sonsteng in Spring of 2020.

Advanced Advocacy was designed by John Sonsteng.  Advanced Advocacy materials, as with the above coursework was designed and written by John Sonsteng , Linda Thorstad, and Jennifer Miller.

All courses and materials have been thoroughly vetted and tested by students and adjunct professors at Mitchell Hamline School of law who provided feedback, critique, and suggestions for improvement to the program.

Syllabus Advanced Advocacy Spring 2020 F
Download • 115KB

Below you will find three attachments related to an advocacy practicum exercise. These include the exercise file, the planning guide, and the student feedback forms.

Midstate & Rogers Arbitration
Download PDF • 3.04MB

Midstate Exhibits 1-24 Combined
Download PDF • 3.52MB

Assessment & Feedback Forms-Spring 2020
Download • 117KB

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